Bike Build Step #2

Refinishing My Frankenstein bike is stripped down to the frame and its original chrome frame is mocking me every time I walk past it.  I can hardly stand it anymore, after a quick check on this afternoon’s weather I decide, today’s the day.   We have some sandpaper left from my wife’s last furniture refinishing project.  […]


Bike Build Step #1

The Breakdown I started with the easy stuff.  Front and back wheels off. I search the chain for a master link but don’t see one, no worries.  I am turning this sucker into a single speed anyway, I will just remove the front and back derailleurs with the chain still looped through them…wait. I will […]


Let the Games Begin

I present to you my winter project.  All decals have been removed in order to preserve the victims anonymity.  Extra doughnuts to anyone that can accurately name the make of this beast by frame geometry alone.   I will now begin to transform this out of date, run down, dry rotted, squeaky, creaky, mass of rubber […]