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The Travel Tree

Christmas Reminiscing Souvenirs and trinkets are not my thing.  As you know, I don’t like accumulating and I don’t like clutter.  Traveling really opens you up to the possibility of collecting items in the name of memories and marking the moment.  A small item or two from each place that you visit can really start […]


Laundry Room Hygge-lism

Simple and functional.  The two adjectives could easily describe just about any aspect of minimalism.  The addition of comfort and outdoor accents transform it from minimalism to hygge-lism. The laundry room is an often forgotten about space, more utilitarian than decorative.  Just a few simple items can make a world of difference to keep you […]



Less is more, less cleaning, less organizing, less worrying, less time wasted attending to your many many things. More is the result of less, more money, more experiences, more time doing the things that you really love to do. Let’s take this a step further, you have less stuff so let’s look at how the […]