Pompeii, Italy

Excavation Site Pompeii was buried when Mt. Vesuvius erupted, burying the city and all of the remaining people in the town in 74 A.D.  To this day, the excavation of the once great city is still underway. New areas are being uncovered and opened up for historians and tourists to come explore everyday. When a […]


Giovinazzo, Italy

The Thanksgiving Holiday An extended holiday weekend, calls for an extended holiday vacation.  We decided to take advantage of the boys having a couple extra days off from school and spend the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend in a warmer climate.  A couple good friends of ours with a daughter just older than our boys join […]


Luxembourg City

“The Christmas Market Season“ Another quick weekend getaway just up the road from us. An overnight trip, one extra pair of clothes and some toiletries packed in our travel backpacks.  We cashed in one of our free nights and will get to stay in a nice single room for next to nothing, with breakfast […]