Less is more, less cleaning, less organizing, less worrying, less time wasted attending to your many many things. More is the result of less, more money, more experiences, more time doing the things that you really love to do. Let’s take this a step further, you have less stuff so let’s look at how the […]


Life on Two Wheels

Germany is a very bicycle friendly country, in fact all of Europe shares this trait.  It is healthy, environmentally friendly, efficient, low budget and an activity that is very Hygge-list.  The benefits of bicycling for your own health are innumerable, not to mention the multitude of benefits to the environment.  The communities of people and […]



We love to travel, as most people do.  As a family of four though, travel can be expensive, stressful, tiring and as exhausting as it is rewarding.  By adopting Hygge-lism into all facets of our lives though we started to notice that the peg on the travel-meter started to swing away from the exhausting side […]