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March – 2 Months

It’s that time again, a new month calls for a new update.  

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Our investment accounts have been rolling for 2 months now, lets see how they are doing.

High Interest Savings – Initial Deposit $5,000.00.  Last month’s total: $5,007.74. Interest Gained $7.10

Running Total: $5,014.84.

General Investment Account – Initial Deposit $10,000.00. Last month’s total: $9,779.17. February’s Betterment Performance -$673.30

Running Total: $9,105.87.

My personal retirement savings total:


I will admit that the timing of this update is not fortuitous. All over the news you are hearing about how the stocks are plunging due to the coronavirus outbreak.  So I do not fret, I will ride this storm out, inevitably everything will turn back around and I will get to report some equally fortunate gains in the near future. 

Our emergency savings is now restored to where we are comfortable with it, so any additional funds in this account will start to be invested into the Betterment Investment Account.

This month’s additional Investment: $10.39.

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2 comments on “Financial Freedom – Update #2

  1. Great update! Real wealth is built during times of panic and uncertainty. Buy when everyone is selling!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely, this is a marathon and not a sprint as well, time is on my side. As the market is dipping I only wish I had more to invest!


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