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February – 1 Month Update

Welcome to the first of my monthly Betterment investment updates.

February marks 1 month with Betterment.  We opened two accounts, a High Interest Savings and a General Investment Account.

High Interest Savings – Initial Deposit $5,000.00; Interest Gained $7.74; Running Total $5,007.74.

General Investment Account – Initial Deposit $10,000.00; Betterment Performance -$220.83; Running Total $9,779.17.

I have now fully incorporated my supplementary retirement accounts to be tracked along side my Betterment account, but not managed by them. 

Bringing my personal retirement savings up to a grand total of:


I also adjusted my 22 year Personal Retirement Investment Goal from a lofty 1 million dollars, to an even more lofty 1.25 million.  I did this using the 4% rule, I am confident that my employer supplied retirement will cover a good portion of my monthly financial requirements, but I don’t want to have to rely on that.

I am also basing the 4% rule off of my current annual income, as our monthly budget is still being tweaked and adjusted.  Once our budget is solidified, I will adjust the end goal once again.  

This month, we are not investing any additional funds into our savings or investment account due to the establishing of our budget and having our emergency savings built back up to where we are comfortable with it.

Each month I will be posting an update on the Betterment performance, so be sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss one.
If you are interested in investing with Betterment, my established account could benefit you with 3 months of fee free account management by clicking this referral link.

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Please consider donating to hygge-lism, in order to increase our quality, quantity and time dedication.


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