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Less is more, less cleaning, less organizing, less worrying, less time wasted attending to your many many things.

More is the result of less, more money, more experiences, more time doing the things that you really love to do.

Let’s take this a step further, you have less stuff so let’s look at how the stuff that you do have makes you feel.  Having less stuff isn’t the goal, having the right stuff is the goal. Everything that you own should be something that you love.  It’s more that just having items that serve a purpose, your possessions should give you a comfortable, cozy, warm feeling. The Danish term for that feeling is Hygge.  The amount of things that I own is very minimal, the items that I do own are Hygge.

Physical possessions are just the start of Hygge-lism, when you start to apply it to all the other facets of your life is when you really start to feel and see the difference.  Weights are lifted off of your shoulders as your stress recedes. You begin to smile more, laugh more, you start to look forward to each coming day and whatever it will bring. You become closer with your friends and family.  Small annoyances disappear as you start to enjoy the process of daily tasks. The destination is no longer the goal, the journey itself is just as enjoyable. In the coming posts I will give you all the tools necessary to instill Hygge-lism into your home and life, how I apply them to my own and how they have added immeasurable joy to myself and my families daily lives.

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